the CAM for the creation of glass windows and doors

Windoors is the program dedicated to the processing of glass panels for large glass surfaces or for doors and entrances.Starting from the processing libraries for hardware, the various windows are built in a guided and fast way. The project is totally parametric so that by varying the dimensions all the works are automatically adapted to the new scheme.There is also a CAM part that provides for the positioning of the glass on the work table of the machine with the possibility of working in sequence of pendulum. In the case of machines with a rigid top, it is possible to position the stops and suction cups for blocking the glass.It is particularly used by companies that make glass for airports, skyscrapers and also for glass furniture for ovens, frogoriferi, hoods, fireplaces, etc.

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The supported Operative Systems are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 (Last Version available:  Ver. 35.5)
  • Windows XP S.P.3 (Last Version available:  Ver. 32.3)

languages: italian, french, english

compatibility with: german, spanish, portuguese, russian, polish, romanian ,vietnamese, chinese, cech, dutch.

For info about Hardware configuration write to